Social Art Lab undertakes research, education, practice, and advocacy in an interrelated way.


  Relationship of art and society

  Evaluative methods for the effects of art

  Assessment of project management

  Consideration of future communities



  Critical awareness of social issues

  Understanding of diverse values

  Integrated learning programs

  Practical learning opportunities



  Engagement with social issues

  Making art projects

  Collaboration among diverse people

  Raising public awareness



  Cultural policies in post-global society

  Values for co-existence

  Networking strategies for community design

  Models for socially engaged art projects


Art in the Modern Era was thought of as an autonomous expression of artists’ inner world.  However, today art is a form of mediation to reconnect our inner world with society, as well as facilitate diverse relationships. Social Art Lab draws upon interdisciplinary approaches of art, technology and environmental design to confront social issues while fostering interaction among diverse communities.  The laboratory will continue to promote new perspectives on art and society.

Social Art Lab   Kyushu University Graduate School of design

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