Art Bus Tour Re-imagining Satoyama

October 15-16, 2016

 Kasahara-area,Kurogi-cho, Yame-city, Fukuoka

©︎Akiko Tominaga

Satoyama is a place where people and nature coexist. These places are woven together with many memories of people and nature. Re-imagining Satoyama was a seven-hour bus journey from Fukuoka to Inner Yame, where visitors experienced art in the landscape.

©︎Akiko Tominaga

Un-illuminated Places / Koutarou Ushijima


Objects from former Kasahara elementary school and the local community, and vinyl lettering

Eight Layers of Dirt / James Jack


Kasahara River, four cottages, four local soil samples, and four channel stereo sound installation

In the gymnasium of former Kasahara elementary school,visitors encountered Koutarou Ushijima’s work, Un-illuminated Places. Domestic objects collected from the school and the local community were installed to float in space along with a poem written on the floor of the gymnasium. While walking through a campground closed after the flood, James Jack’s sound installation Eight Layers of Dirt can be heard. Through the open windows of four scenic cottages, the voices of a woman from Yame and a woman from Fukuoka fade in and out of the air. Inside of each cottage, life stories of these eight women unfold slowly from speakers above, to be appreciated while gazing at the landscape near and far. Through diverse encounters along the journey, visitors reimagined the region together with local inhabitants.

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