Art Festival Re-creating Tea Gathering

February 4-12, 2017


Enjoy space daimyo

Yame honpo

Yame is famous for tea. Utilizing artistic approaches to the “tea gathering,” Social Art Lab experimented with juxtaposing the two localities of Yame and Fukuoka.

Video : Yumi Sonoda

©︎Satoshi Nagano

Tea Gathering at Shonankyo / Mamoru Fujieda

February 10-12, 2017

Tea gathering unfolded on the stage of the historical building Shonankyo over the course of three lively days. Entertainment included a series of conversations, the playful event “Tea Tasting Battle,” a live performance “Strumming Tea” with a rare Japanese lute, as well as an artistic tea ceremony performance newly composed and produced by artist Mamoru Fujieda.

©︎Satoshi Nagano

From Stone to Sand / James Jack

February 4-12, 2017

Waterways flowing between Yame and Fukuoka were created in this historical building with stones and space. The footsteps of visitors took the shape of rivers, seaside, moats and surrounding islands as the stones were shifted by hand each day of the exhibit. Amidst these changes, participants wrote a reflection on the stone of their choice. After the exhibit, the stones were returned to Yame for local revival projects to insert positive energy into the future of the region.

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