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Kame no Otonahi

A Japanese sacred composition featuring the acoustics of shochu fermentation



Shochu is an indigenous alcoholic beverage of Japan, which is largely produced in Kyushu Island. Inspired by the sounds of shochu fermentation in the vessel (earthenware pot), a Kyushu University Geikoh’s* composer, Mamoru Fujieda created a contemporary rendition of traditional Japanese sacred music and dance, Kame no Otonahi (the sounds of a shochu vessel), in 2014.


The composition begins with solemn ritualistic music and dance. A while later, the sounds of fermentation start emanating from the vessel on the stage. As the piece proceeds, the audience realize that they are surrounded by loud sounds as if they were in the vessel and a part of the fermentation process.


This experience is made real by the technological advancement of a multichannel speaker system developed in Geikoh’s acoustic engineering laboratory.


*“Geikoh“ as written in Chinese characters means the (undergraduate) School, the Graduate School, and the Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, combined together.



【Performance Information】

Date: Saturday, December 12, 2015

Start: 4:00 PM

Location: Noh Theater at Sumiyoshi Shrine (Sumiyoshi 3-1-51, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi)











【Composition / Artistic Direction】

Mamoru Fujieda



Sho and Voice: Ko Ishikawa

Yamatogoto and Voice: Kayoko Nakagawa

Dance: Mitsuyo Uesugi, Yu Otagaki

Voice: Ami Yamazaki, Tsumugine (Yasuno Miyauchi, Marimi Morito, Arisa, and Akiko Urahata)

Tsuchibue (Soil Whistle): Toru Watanabe


【Post Performance Talk】

Ko Ishikawa (Gagaku Player)

Luna Ayasugi (Writer)

Hiromi Nagasawa (Mizuhiki Designer)

Mamoru Fujieda (Composer)


【Ticket Information】

Fee: Adults ¥2,000 (ADV) / ¥2,500 (DOOR)

    Students ¥1,500 (ADV & DOOR)

Reservation: Social Art Lab in Kyushu University    eplus


March 28, 2015, Multidimentional Design Hall, Ohashi Campus, Kyushu University


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Acoustics of Shochu fermentation

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焼酎の発酵音響による現代神楽 甕の音なひ    Kame no Otonahi  A Japanese sacred composition featuring the acoustics of shochu fermentation

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